At Last!

First things first, a HUGE thank you to my friend and colleague, Melanie Ward, for helping me get this blog up and running.  Melanie and I share a room at school and we spend our days teaching elementary age children.  She teaches Spanish and I’m a Reading Specialist. We’re both in and out of that room a lot, but her presence there this year has brightened my life considerably.  I’m truly grateful for her companionship, support, wonderful sense of humor, and cheerful loving spirit.  Melanie is courageous, too!  She braved the icy dirt road I live on and came to my house after school today to explain the ins and outs of using word press.

I’m tickled pink to have a place to write about and share my new business making nature inspired bed and table linens, and also to share the wonders of nature here on Sweetwater Farm in the mountains of North Carolina.  I’ve lived here since 1996.  Read the About page for a quick introduction to my farm and why I love it so much; there’s more to come on that topic!

Here is the link to Joyful Linens on Etsy.  It is a work in progress, but I am totally in love with my little shop!


About Joy

Owner of Joyful Linens and Sweetwater Farm in the mountains of North Carolina
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One Response to At Last!

  1. I work with young special needs children too. I love watching them grow and become their own person.

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